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Mission Brief:

Its my favorite cleaner.

Im proud of you my boy, you kicked the shit out of those grease balls. Ive got just one little job for you before we can all celebrate.

Theres a car around the block from Luigis club. The inside is covered in brains. We had to help some guy make up his mind and it proved a little messy. Take it to the crusher before the cops find it.

Mission Hint:

Bah, Salvatore wants you to clean up his mess. Not nice.

When you near the location of the car, make sure you pay close attention for the pager.

Its a trap, Salvatore wants you killed, and the car is rigged with a bomb (damn waste, the Cheetah is a fine car) so head over to the small tunnel I mentioned in the "Dead Skunk In Da Trunk" mission which leads you to a dock.

There Maria explains the story, and you jump in the boat.Pilot it to the docks on Staunton Island.Welcome to Staunton Island

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Hint submitted by smartONE


Hint submitted by bogies

dont go in the car coz its got abomb in it so go and get another car

Hint submitted by ahmed

all right, after salvatore tells you wut to do dont think you beat the game because your not even close. dont get in the car and go where maria wants you then your in the 2 level. bet your wondering the 3 LEVEL!

Hint submitted by DIABLO

If you REALLY love the cheetah, take it and go to hell. If you want to finish the mission just go meet Maria!

Hint submitted by gebit

dont get in the car just go to the docks and get in the boat then sail to staunton island and you can start new missions on here

Hint submitted by Triad52

Ok, so Salvatore tells you to get the Chettah near Luigi's but whatever you do, DON'T GET IN THE CAR!!!! It's a trap! Salvatore wants you "WASTED"! Now pay very close attention to your pager because Maria is gonna tell you some important info. Drive to where Maria tells you to go and you'll find a boat. Sail it to Staunton Island and welcome to level two.
P.S. When you're in the boat, sail it to Portland Rock cos there's a Hidden Package there.

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