Blow Fish





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

OK, Ive had enough of this shit.

Were gonna finish the Triads in Liberty once and for all!

8-Balls rigged a dustcart with a bomb. Its on a timer so if you mess up therell be no evidence.

Go and pick up the dustcart. Careful, 8-Ball says its real sensitive and the slightest bump could set that thing off!

Their fish factory will open its gates for a dustcart, so you can drive right in. Park up between the gas canisters and get the hell out of there!

I want it to rain mackerel. Were talking real biblical here, nothing low budget.

Mission Hint:

Ok, with this mission you have to grab a Garbage Truck from 8-ball, but before you do, make sure you scout the fastest route.

I find the road straight up from 8Balls and then cutting across parks fastest.

Once you have the truck, be fast, but also be careful, and once inside the compound, park the truck and arm the bomb, then run for it.

There is a Triad Fish Van nearby which you can use to make your escape, and run a few of the Triads over as well to boot ;)

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Hint submitted by steve

i found out that there is a railroad behind the dustcart.i went through thereand that leads you to the import export and supa sava.i went around the right of the supa sava and saw a fence.DO NOT BREAK THROUGH THE FENCE!to the right u should see an entrance thing.go through that then go to the fish factory,go between the canisters,set the bomb and go to the closest triad fish van and watch an explosion.

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