The Getaway





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Alright, listen. Get some wheels to the safehouse at StMarks and pick up a few friends of mine.

Theyre hittin a bank and they need a driver. I gave my word that you were the man, so dont screw this up. Get them to the bank before five oclock, not a minute after.

Mission Hint:

For this mission you need a strong fast car. I find it fun to jack a Taxi for this one, because they are tough, and fast.

Once you have the car, head over to pick up Joeys Goons. Once you have them, head over to the Bank and do the heist.

After the Heist, the cops are after you (of course) however, there is an alleyway with a Police Bribe in it that seperates the Red Light District from Chinatown, at the end of the main road the bank is on.

Head down the alley for the bribe ... thats one star gone. Now head straight to the Pay'n'Spray and get rid of the rest of the stars.

Drop the goons back at their place, and mission over.

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Hint submitted by Batjuh

This is a mission with which you can really have fun with. Get the guys and rob the bank. Take a hummer, looks better that way. Then have some fun with the cops. Wait until there are 3 or 4 cop cars after you and then get out of the car. Of course it's handy to have a uzi or something heavier with you. Enjoy a real cool gun fight between the cops and your "friends". Cars will be blown away...many people get killed...real chaos! Nice!

Hint submitted by Nate

Another good car I used ia an ambulance. It looks cool when your in it with bankrobbers.

Hint submitted by Richman12121

Once you finish the bank use the lower felony cheat and then go back to the st marks hideout

Hint submitted by Zisland

I found if u have done all of Salvatores missions before this, you won't have to do it. I didn't do it unfortunelty it lookes
really fun so i reccomend against what i have done.

Hint submitted by Mafiaman

I found it easier using a big truck so you can WACK! the cops out the way

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