The Pickup





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

TONIs off making people bleed or trying to. Hell never be as tough as his Pop, but he left you a note on the table.

The laundry has agreed to pay - you did real good kid! Go collect the cash and bring it back here. Watch out for the Triads. They may be shoving a firecracker up your ass, but dont take no crap.

Nobody I mean nobody, messes with TONI CIPRIANI!

Mission Hint:

There is no real easy way to do this mission, except with brute force.

Where the laundromat was, where you took Toni, there is an alley with 3 entrances/exits. When you grab the briefcase, a cutscene comes up showing Triads coming down all 3.

You took a car in right?

Ok, get in the car, and get out of the alleyway, once on the street, its pretty easy to ram down the Triads, and take out the fish van.

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Hint submitted by steve

before the mission get 125 health from hos.pick up a good car(banshee,diablo)then in front of Luigi's you should wait for one.once they get in the car,go into your hideout near the garage.the car will start shaking.once you get 125 health,get out of the car and beat her up for your $ back.then get to toni's but go up the road ntil you see a little parking lot.go around back but DO NOT GET THE HEALTH ICON!it will i think make your health go back to the back go down the littleslope and u should find body armor and an AK-47 i think.then do the mission,but when you do this do not get the suit case.block 1 of the sides with your car.get out your uzi then get the will see a "cutscene" comes up showing Triads coming down all 3 ways.good thing you blocked off one side.shot the 3 with your uzi.the in the side one came,take that truck he got out of.a triad is in there so when u get the truck,go forward a few feet.then back up and hit the traid with the truck until he's dead.the other 2 might have stolen a car.stay in the truckand ram them off road until they get out of there car.kill them then bring the money back to toni once all of them are dead.this may take a few tries s o keep on repeating it till u get it.oh yea the AK-47 is just a little gift.

Hint submitted by shhlacker

If you do the Second mission for El Burro first you'll get the flame thrower, which can take them Triads out with no prob. Just don't blow up your ride :-)

Hint submitted by Over-Kill

I just took out my shotgun( you can get the shotgun from the pimp in the mission "pump-action pimp or just by stealing a police car) and started shooting at the triads, then I took out my rocket launcher and fired it at the smelly fish van.


Hint submitted by jeff

believe it or not, All you got to do is swing your bat when the triads attack you, even if you don't hit them
they will all fall down, then pull out your uzi and pop some caps, while they're on the ground

Hint submitted by IvAn

THIS IS A VERY EASY ONE. what i did was picked up a Patriot, drove it to 8-Balls, drove to the laundromat, armed the bomb, got out, picked up the money, and RAN. now the Triads will try to escape in the vehicle u put in there w/ the armed bomb. THEY CAN'T. i was just rounding a corner and heard a big BOOM. nice sound. now just drive-bye the others and give them some rewards for their gallantry effort to try stop you!.

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