Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Me an the fellas need to talk business so youre gonna look after my girl for the evening.

HEY MARIA! MOVE YOUR BUTT!Dumb broad does this every time.

And here she is, the one and only Queen of Sheba! What were you doing up there? Whatever it was, I bet it cost me money. Well, you dont think I hang around for the conversation, do you? Get in that car and keep your big mouth shut.

Take the limo but bring it back in one piece, yhear me? And watch her, she can be trouble.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Im sure your new lap dog has everything covered, and isnt he big and strong? Hey Fido, Lets go visit Chico and get some party treats! Hes at the rail station at the Chinatown waterfront I think.

Mission Hint:

This mission is simply a driving mission.

Firstly, you take Maria to her contact under the subway rails outside your hideout. Then take her to the Rave over at the Portland Docks.

Once you drop Maria off at the Docks, park the car so its facing out of the docks area, right near the door.

When the cops turn up, sit tight, Maria will come out, and get in the car. Once she is in, high tail it out of there back to Salvatores.

Take the right turn from the docks for the fastest route.

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Hint submitted by logan rules

knock the fence around the building down before you drop off maria then let her out, and park the limo facing around the side of the building, when the cops come use the route you cleared out. this way you dont have any problems with the piznigs untill your out of there. Logan Rules!!

Hint submitted by Slipknot

When you drop off Maria and the cops come when your driving press,R2,R2,L1,R2,Up,Down,Up,Down. With this
cheat all your stars will go away.Oh and write this code down youll need it.

Hint submitted by Viper

Don't drop Maria off. Park the Limo just away from the blue thing, and in the line of three cars should be a cheetah. take this to your garage then go back, drop maria off and finish the mission.

Hint submitted by anilorac, sleeh rat

When I do this mission, it seems real short and actionless to me. So I kick it up a knotch.Instead of parking in the marker to let her go into the party, I park the limo near the trash cans on the side of the warehouse.(So the cops don't come yet.)I then take the three cars in front of the blue marker,seperately, to 8-balls and rig them with the bombs that go off when you start the car.I set the bombs, and park them back where they were before.(They don't have to be put back into the exact spot.)And make sure that when you park them back, that you leave enough room for the people to get in them.I then go into the marker.A few seconds later, here comes the cops.Be calm though, and let the guys come out and get in there cars.The drivers of the cars should run out of the warehouse,start there car's, and take off.When they take off, they will most likely get stuck behind the securicar's, so that when the bombs go off, not only will the cars explode, so will the securicar's.This makes for more fun and action.

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