Triads And Tribulations





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Oh its you. TONI aint here. But he left one of his sugary love letters for you.

Were at WAR! The Triads have a fish factory as a front. Most of their business goes down at the fish market in Chinatown. That laundry still owes us protection.

They reckon the Triads are protecting them now, so I say we exact a fitting punishment. Take these boys over and whack the Triad Warlords! Hell, if you get a chance, pop some of their soldiers too.

Mission Hint:

You have 2 assistants for this mission, they can help, but arent essential for the completion of the mission. So if they get killed, dont loose any sleep over it.

There are 3 Triad Leaders you need to kill, 2 of them are in the open and fairly easy to take out. The first is in the Chinatown Market area where you had to shoot Chunky Lee Chong. Get this guy first, because the 2 henchmen can help you with him.

The next one is near the Subway entrance, you can run him over easily, so this is a no-brainer.

The last one is in the Fish Factory Compound. You will need to jack a Triad Van for this guy so you can get past the gates. They are easy to find, and easy to jack, so go grab one.

Once you have the van, drive over to the last blip, up the dirt driveway and wait for the gate to open. Once inside, go down the small alley at the back of the factory, and you will come face to face with him standing on a docking bay at the back. There are 2 or 3 guys protecting him, so make your shots count.

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Hint submitted by LordDiablo

instead of going into the compound go around back of the fish factory. stand up the hill and you should see the triad dude. if you been collecting the hidden packages run down closer and chuck a grenade over. bam, hes dead, no prob

Hint submitted by lazlo

before you ever except thid mission, which is right after the "salvatore called a meeting," salvatore should be open. go to him and try to get to the bomb da base level and complete that, and you should get a sniper rifle, then go to toni's missions, stand a good distance away from averything, and pop the dudes.

Hint submitted by Chatterbox

I have just one thing to say kill a leader then get the hell out of there or the triads will gang up on you!

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