Pump Action Pimp





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Some Diablo scumbag has been pimping their scuzzy bitches in my backyard.

Go take care of things for me.

If you need a piece go around the back of Ammu-Nation opposite the Subway.

Mission Hint:

There is no real need to get the gun from Ammu-Nation, but why not get it anyway, it will make life easy in the long run.

Once you have the gun, grab a tough car, I prefer the Taxis or Cabbies myself for this mission.

Once you have the car of your choice, head towards the dot on your radar, and when you see the car, ram it full speed. Play dodge and ram till they both get out of the car, and drive away a little bit so they chase you.

Then turn around and run over them.
If they dont get out, or your ride blows up, get another car and continue ramming them till their car blows up, or they get out and you can run them over.

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Hint submitted by Cody

If you can find an Uzi or allready have one. Do this mission gansta style. Pull up beside the target car and go into drive by mode. Shoot the car until it explodes (doesn't take long at all).

Hint submitted by Fitzy

First, steal a car, any will do. Next, even though you don't need it, go to Ammu-Nation, walk to the back and pick up the nine laying there. Then go back and get your car. Find the pimp and his friend riding in a Diablo Stallion, ram them, let them come out of their car, and run them over. Mission Complete! (By the way, make sure that you pick up the weapons the men were carrying, an Uzi and a Shotgun)

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