Drive Misty For Me





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

The dons son Joey Leone, he wants some action from his regular girl Misty.

Go pick her up in Hepburn Heights... But watch yourself, thats Diablo turf.

Then run her over to his garage in Trenton and make it quick. Joey aint the kind you keep waiting.

Remember this is your foot in the door. So keep your eyes on the road, and off Misty.

Mission Hint:

Yet another easy mission, this only nets you some pocket change.

Grab a car, and head to Mistys appartment. This is in the blue park down the road from Luigis place. Park on the blue mission marker and use the L3 button to sound the horn. She will walk out and get in the car.

Now head over to Joeys place over behind the police station. The quickest way is to drive past the police station and cut across the median strip seperating the 2 roads. Make sure you mow down some pedestrians so the Cops know you are around ;)

Joey will have a couple of words with you, then its mission over.

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Hint submitted by stevo

Just pick Jesse up, drive her where she's got to go. There. You're done. Just try not to crash into anything, like say a cop car, that could get you into some trouble

Hint submitted by Fitzy

First grab a car, any will do. Next drive your car to Misty's apartment in Hepburn Heights. Make sure you don't run over any Diablo gangsters or you may have some angry Hispanics on your tail. Once you've picked Misty up, drive her to Joey's garage in Trenton. Once there, a cutscene will start with Joey talking to you. After the cutscene is over you'll get your money. Mission Complete!

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