Farewell Chunky Lee Chong





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Chunky Lee Chong is pushing spank for some new gang from Colombia... or Colorado... or something.... Im not really sure.

Who needs details anyway.

That rat has sold his last stirfry. I want you to take him out! Sort yourself with a nine, you know where it is, right? Well remember, just watch your back in ChinaTown, its Triad territory.

Mission Hint:

Chunky Lee Chong is in the alley in Chinatown. He has a couple of cars used for a getaway at each of the alley exits.

I prefer to blow his getaway cars up first, but as you will see in the clip, this method has its drawbacks.

Once they are destroyed chase him down and kill him, but watch out for the Triads, they arent packing much heat, but there is a few of them.

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Hint submitted by scooter

take chonky lee chonks cars to 8-balls up in harwood and park them where you found them and chase hem to one and let him get in and watch as he blows.

Hint submitted by Fingerles

The thing I have found the eisiest to do is get ahold of some grenades. you can use a cheat, Collect the hidden packages, Etc. and go to the entrance that is faceing the Broken Bridge that goes to Staunton Island and lob a grenade as far into the promanade as you can and BOOM! Mission over, you get your money.

Hint submitted by EthanJP

get a rocket launcher and smply aim at his both from one of the fish market stalls and fire all rockets like a loonie from gta2 and then simplay walk away walk away

Hint submitted by Theif3

Steal a cop car and turn the sirens on by pressing the the button for the horn and hold it until the sirens go on. Then stop right in front of chong and he will stop and then flamethrow his car or shoot it up until it explodes.

Hint submitted by 100%completebaby

Simply use a sniper rifle to shoot him down
no problem with triads and cops.very easy.

Hint submitted by JC

for this mission all u have to do is to get a car, park by the place were u can see the noodle stand and use the weapon cheat to get all the guns, use the rocket launcher, aim at the noodle stand, then fire, get in the car cause the cops might chase u.
thats it missions over.

Hint submitted by Amazing Jake

These above hints only work if you're using cheat codes, except for a few. I prefer to rig his car with a bomb and then chase him into it. It kinda gets me more into the atmosphere of the game.

Hint submitted by lazlo

first, go around the entire little plaza, and look at all the perennials. blow them all up, ten take a shot gun, and shoot C.L.C., take out a few triads with him. boom you one

Hint submitted by Fitzy

Go steal a car, any will do. Next, go to Ammu-Nation and walk to the back, pick up the nine and get back in your car. Then drive over to the area where Chunky Lee Chong's noodle stand is. Walk close, and a cutscene should start, once it is done run at the noodle stand and Chunky Lee Chong should start running, don't worry about the Triads that are after you, just shot him. After he is dead, Mission Complete! (If you like you can kill the other Triads chasing you and take there weapons, Nine and two Bats.)

Hint submitted by Yakuza Lord

There's alot of ways to do this one. One of my favorites is to arm one of Chongs Perinnials
with a bomb from 8-Balls, and then blow the other one up. He'll get in the armed Perinnial,
and then he's gone. Also, you can go pick up the AK47 by Marco's Bistro and simply lock on Chong
from outside the Market Alley, than either mow down the Triads, or just out run/drive em'.

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