The Fuzz Ball





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

The policemans ball is being held at the Old School Hall near Callahan Bridge. And they'll be looking for some old school action.

Now I got girls all over town walkin the streets, get em over to the ball, they'll make a bundle. Get as many of them as you can before the cops drink away their green.

Mission Hint:

For this mission, I prefer to use the Taxi (the newer looking taxi, not the old looking Cabbie) it holds 3 girls, so grab it BEFORE you get the mission from Luigi.

Once the mission starts, head towards the dots and start collecting the girls, remember you can get 3 girls in the Taxi, so keep collecting till you have 3 of them, then drop them off at the Ball. Rinse, Repeat.

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Hint submitted by mick

go rob a bus and pick up more than three prostitutesat once its not far from the bridge leading to staunton

Hint submitted by TUBBS

go get a bus and pick up just about all of the girls and hurry over to the ball and let them out and the time should be almost done

Hint submitted by Fitzy

Before the mission begins go get a car that can fit four or more people, Taxi, Bus, Mafia Sentinel. If you picked the bus then just go and pick every hooker and take them all back to the Old School Hall. If you chose the Taxi or Mafia Sentinel then you want to get the two closest hookers first. Then get the next three closest, and finally the three that are the farthest away from the Old School Hall. Once all the hookers are there or the time runs out, if you have four or more, Mission Complete!

Hint submitted by y-me369

for the mission the fuzz ball ues the coach [a big bus] you can pick all the girls up then take them to the fuzz balll thenall the girls would be there and you'd get paid $6000.

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