Dead Skunk In Da Trunk





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Alright, Just the guy I need to talk to! Alright, theres a car stuffed with a stiff at the cafe near Callahan Point.

One of the Fiorellis thought he was a wise guy, so he got what he had coming to him.

Take the corpse to the crusher in Harwood, alright?

Mission Hint:

This is a fun mission because if the boot lid comes off (usually just dented) you can see the dead body in the boot.

Ok, when you reach the car, look around. In one corner of the parking lot is one sedan, and on the other side of the road under the bridge (near the tunnel that leads onto one of the docks) is another sedan.

Those are the Fiorelli Brothers, and they arent too pleased about this.

Once you jack the car, the Fiorellis chase you, so you can play it one of 2 ways.

1: Dont get the car with the body in the boot. First, get a strong car (Taxi) or a Triad Fish Van, and try taking out the Fiorellis first. Ram them, shoot them, whatever it takes to get rid of both cars. Once done, go back and grab the other car and take it to the crusher.

2: You can just grab the car and make a run for it. This doesnt hold a high chance of success, because the car you have isnt anywhere near strong enough to put up with the rammings from the other 2 cars, so try the first one :)

Once the car is crushed, its mission over.

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Hint submitted by Batjuh

Another nice way to get rid of the Fiorellis is to drive to the harbor. Let the brothers chase you all the way to it (it's quite hard, but you'll manage when you practice a lot). Then, at the harbor, drive full speed to the water and before you fly into it, make a hard turn left or right). The brothers will be too stupid to brake just like you and will fall into the water...pretty nice!

Hint submitted by gta3 man

This is one of the easiest missions in the game if you have this hint.
As soon as you come out of Joeys garage do the tank cheat ( CIRCLE X6, R1,L2,L1,TRIANGLE,CIRCLE,TRIANGLE)
Once you have the tank drive towards the car which has the dead body in the trunk.
What ever you do don't hit your car other wise mission failed.
Blow up both Fiorellis then drive your car to the crusher and watch the money roll in and the car and the man inside will be in iddy biddy pieces.

Hint submitted by ikillu

park a truck or van in front and in back of both of the forelli brothers cars and then go get the car with the body in it.
Make sure the vehicles are parked close enough to the forellis so the forellis cant get out, but dont hit the forellis. Then
speed away. By the time they get free you will be long gone. It should cause no damage.

Hint submitted by Bob

If you have a bazooka blow up the Sentenial at the bottom of the screen it says (ITS THE FORELLI BROTHERS!) so go to the crane put it where its supposed to be get out I think the other Forelli brother will be on the road trying to run you over so if you have the bazooka blow him up!

Hint submitted by big dog

first u put in the weapon cheat then u go to the spot were u pick up the car. there is a car by u and another car further up the hill. then go up the hill where there is a forrilli brother. u blow that car up then u blow up the second car. then when they are blown up then u get the car then take it to the crusher. mission passed

Hint submitted by GTA3 King

When you exit Joey's garage get in your car and head to the hill behind Greasy Joe's. Stop at the top and get out your rocket
launcher,then aim for the Fiorelli car southwest of the Mannana(near the Porter tunnel).After you blow that sucker up aim for the
Fiorelli car in the parking lot take aim and fire! Last get in car(Mannana) and take to the crusher.

Hint submitted by lazlo

if you want a cool manana with a dead body in it to keep forever, just find a way to kill the forelli brothers (many listed here), but dont take the manana to the dump place. instead, take it to your hideout, put it in the garage, with you in the garage, make sure you have health and armour, use the blow up all cars cheat or, blow it up with a weapon, the mission will end, and the manana will blow up, but if you leave the garage door closes, and then go back in the garage, and boom. a not-so-cool car, but a dead body in da trunk. dont worry about you driving it, when you talk to joey again, the manana will be there again during the mission

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