Mike Lips Last Lunch





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

I got a little job for you pal.

The Forelli brothers have owed me money for too long and they need to be taught some respect. Lips Forelli is stuffing his fat face in StMarks Bistro, so steal his car and take it to 8-Balls bomb shop up in Harwood.

You know 8-Ball right?

Once hes fitted it with a bomb, go park the car where you found it. Then sit back and watch the whole show. But hurry up, he wont be eating forever.

Mission Hint:

The car is waiting outside the Bistro, leave Joey's then go past the Hospital and hang a right. Head up the hill, and on the bend, the Bistro is on the corner.

You dont have to worry about anything, just grab it and take it to 8balls shop.

Once the bomb is planted, drive carefully back and park it in the blue mission marker. Arm the bomb, and run away. The mission ends with the cutscene.

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Hint submitted by Bradford

What ever you do dont hit the car when you are on the way to 8balls shop so a bit carefully because if you dont you have to go to the body shop

Hint submitted by lazlo

if you DO hit it and you dont have the bomb installed yet, first, go get the bomb installed, then go to the body shop if there is damage, but go kinda at a controllable speed when you get it fixed, cause you have to go on the other side of the town, and that is kinda a long way. dont worry, you will have enough time to get the bomb, get the repairs, and go slow, all in 5 minutes (sounds like a commercial for some kinda food procesor or something, doesnt it? have everything done in 5 minutes or less (haha.......not really)

Hint submitted by Fitzy

Most likely your first timed mission. First off, grab any car. Then drive to the Bistro in Saint Marks and park your car. Next, take Mike "Lips" Forelli's car, Idaho, making sure not to damage it, to 8-Ball's Bombshop. Once the car has been rigged with a bomb carefully take it back to the Bistro, park the car where you found it and activate the bomb. Next, take your car and drive out of there. Once you are out of range a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene you'll get your money. Mission Complete!

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