Van Heist





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Alright, were gonna hit the payrole van.

It leaves the edge of ChinaTown everyday. Bullets wont even dent the vans armor, so get a car and ram it off the road.

Now hit it hard and the punkass security guards should bail. Then take it to the warehouse at the docks and my guys are gonna take over from there.

Now it wont be doin its rounds all day, so dont hang around.

Mission Hint:

This is a tough mission this early in the game. I find the best way to handle this one is to grab a Linerunner from the Portland Docks before taking the mission.

The Linerunner is an 18 wheeler (without the trailer) its located in a corner of the docks near the main road. Once you turn into the docks entrance (with all the cranes) hang a right straight away, and follow it all the way past the trailers.
If its not there, go do some taxi or vigilante missions till its there.

Once you have the Linerunner, take the mission from Joey, and chase down the Money Van.

Once you hit it, 3 stars pop up, and the cops begin the chase. The Linerunner is tough enough to withstand the cops ramming you, and heavy enough not to be knocked around.
So concentrate on ramming the van till its about to blow up. When it stops and the guys get out, jack it and take it to the Portland Docks, it gos in the second roller door on your left.

Be carefull though, if you ram the van once the guys get out, it will blow up and the mission is over.

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Hint submitted by JohnnyX

I did this mission this way. I took a patriot (hummer wannnabe, then attacked the van quickly (one good ram, then a few sideswipes) and it stopped. Then I jumped out with cops in chase and jacked the closest decent car (which happened to be a mafia sentinel due to good luck), drove it to the paint and spray, lost the cops that way, then returned to the waiting securicar and drove it hassle free to the docks.

Hint submitted by big dog

i did this missions in 5 five minutes. first u get the city bus and catch up with the van. then u go head on or hit it from the rear. hit it 2 times. then put the code in for low wanted level and this will get the cops off of u. Then get the van and put it back in the garage. mission pasted.

Hint submitted by GTA3 King

Take a Yankee or mule(delivery trucks)and hit the Securicar 2 or 3 times(if the Securicar is too badly damaged afterwards take it to the Pay'N'Spray,trust me it works!). After that take it to the Portland Docks,Capish?

Hint submitted by evilbiskit

However you do it, get hold of the Securicar, then get rid of the cops. Once you've done this drive to your hide out and keep ramming the securic van into the back of your garage and make it explode. This will end the mission. Let your garage close thus fixing the securicar and you will have a bullet proof securi car.

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