Bomb Da Base





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

The Cartel has got bottomless funds from pushing that SPANK crap. If we make an open attack on them, theyll wipe the floor with us.

They must be making SPANK on that big boat that Curly lead you to. So we gotta use our heads, or rather one head. Your head.

Im asking you to destroy that SPANK factory as a personal favor to me, Salvatore Leone. If you do this for me, you will be a made man, anything you want.

Go and see 8-Ball, youll need his expertise to blow-up that boat.

Mission Hint:

Ok. This is easily the toughtest mission yet.

Firstly, you need $100,000 to pay 8-ball (why Salvatore doesnt pay is beyond me) so once you have the cash, first save your game I can assure you, you will be doing this mission a few times, then head back to 8-ball to get the game underway.

Now, you can take all the time in the world to set this up and scope out the situation. Firstly, drop 8-ball off and run to the right, at the corner of that warehouse out the front of the boat is some steps, climb them, then jump to the left so you are on the warehouse roof.

Now, take your time very carefully here. Using the sniper rifle, zoom in close on the guys, and take careful note of their routines, look all over the boat and make sure you know where they all are.

Now, the easiest way to handle this mission is to start with the 2 guys at the bottom of the boat ramp near the cars. Next, shoot the red barrels on the left hand side of the crates at the top of the boat ramp, this will take out the couple of guys there.

Now carefully sweeping from left to right, take out each and every one of the Colombians. Dont miss or else 8-ball gets whacked, and its mission over.

This mission will take a few gos to get right, but luckily you dont have to pay 8-ball $100,000 for each attempt. So keep going till its over and done with.

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Hint submitted by nordo

After you drop off 8-ball, drive back up the road to the trailers at the end of the warehouse. Hop out, grab the adreniline pill, and run up to the roof. Targeting the cartel thugs is a piece of cake, and the adreniline lasts through the whole section.

Hint submitted by rapier

If you have a bazooka, which you probably wont, go to the top of the warehouse and shoot the bottom of the ramp to take out the 2 guys then if you can fire quick enough shoot cluttered areas before 8-ball reaches them.

Hint submitted by Bren

If u go on top of the warehouse get the sniper out use the square button to adjast the scope shot the 2 ppl at the bottom then go alont the boat shotting the ppl 1 by 1 but do this b4 8-ball gets there!

Hint submitted by Blade

get your self an armor and a ak-47. just run up on the boat and kill em all. they will not shot at 8ball , just on u :)

Hint submitted by genetherapy

use the TANK cheat and i pick up 8-ball in it if you have the skill drive up the ramp to the boat (the people will try to pull you out) but drive over them, or shoot them. 8-ball will not think you are shooting because the mission would not have started, sorted.

Hint submitted by Apoz

I have great aim with the sniper so it was a piece of cake for me. First drop off 8-Ball then go around to the staircase where you have a great view. Why waste time going on top of the warehouse just go to the corner of the top of the stairs and take out your sniper. Make sure before you fire the first shot you can see ALL the Cartel Scum otherwise 8-balls gone and MISSION FAILED! Then, Shoot the first two guys then left to right kill all of them without leaving none alive and MISSION PASSED!!!!

Hint submitted by damoner

pay 8-ball da money get him to the blue marker than get a good vanish point examine the boat "which is on the warehouse
roof '' then take out the 2 GUYS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE RAMP. then aim up shoot the Red barel and then take
everyone else out

Hint submitted by Da Fixa

basically drop off 8 ball then run to roof top take first 2 guys out then hit the top 2 by the explosives nxt to them the RED barrels then quickly blast the rest away :) and bam u got another mission done hehehhe

Hint submitted by Venal Anatomica

This is the perfect way to beat this mission: After you drop 8-Ball off, go around and into the mini-trailer park and grab the adrenaline pill. However, *don't* go all the way to the roof. Go to the top of the first staircase and stop. Snipe all the Columbians, and Mission Passed, you get paid.

Hint submitted by Nilz

I think this mission is pretty hard so here is how you can do it: first pay 8-ball 100,000 and get to the harbor, he says that you must get a good vanish point, but the ROOF isn't the best place to kill the colombians, the best place is: when you go up the stairs just go to the first corner and kill 'em all, shootin' the barrels isn't a very good idea, 'cause you can kill 8-ball with 'em, i just shot 'em all with the sniper and that's all, it's really an easy mission, first time when i played it i couldn't do it but the second time i finished the mission.
Good luck with it!

Hint submitted by gf

get a car and run em all over 8ball doesnt count that as shooting and there u go easy he he he he

Hint submitted by ACE

once your up on the roof use the all weapons cheat and get the rocket launcher then blast werever there is movement on the boat (except 8-ball) also aim for red barrels nice boom : ) : ) : ): ) : )

Hint submitted by pimp dada

kill themo fos with ur sniper gun and blow the ones in groups up with ur bozkkia

Hint submitted by bullethead

If you stay on the corner of the stairs by the boat you just snipe the 2 dudes at the bottom then get your site lined up with the heads of the guys on the boat so you only have to move the site from left to right to easily whack 'em.

Hint submitted by lil soup

this hint has nothing to do with this mission but its pretty sweet: get the banshee or any other super car an put a bombv in it from 8-balls shop. then keep it in perfect condition and ride around town really, really, really slowly. Eventually, a gut will come up to your car and try to steel it, boom!!! the car will blow up with the guy in it!

Hint submitted by James

Drive to the blue marker. When 8-ball has got out, drive to the ramp leading on to the ship. This will sort of lead em away from the ship. Now get out your car. The guys will stay at the bottom of the stairs and try to shoot the wall! Stupid guys! But because 8-ball does not go up the ramp until the first shot u take, this will be a advantage. Now zoom in and note the location of the men on the ship. Shoot em. The easiest way is to kill the guys on the left by the chemical barrols and work your way around to the right.

Hint submitted by chom

i cant believe u lot didnt think of this,

buy your self an extra 5-10 seconds, when 8-ball goes to his starting point, park whatever car you have infront of him, then grab that yankee and seal him in as best you can this way he spends a few seconds trying to push around the cars, free sniper time.

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