Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Theres a new high on the street, go's by the name of SPANK.

Some wiseguys been introducing this trash to my girls down portland harbour.

Go and introduce a bat to his face. Then take his car, respray it.

I want compensation for this insult.

Mission Hint:

For this mission, head over the road from Luigis place first, and grab the Baseball Bat.

Next, jack a car, and head over to the Portland Docks. Drive the car through the gates and stop just inside the gates.

Jump out, with your baseball bat ready, and run towards the scumbag selling SPANK to the hookers.

When the girls run screaming the guy will run towards you. Start swinging the bat. Once he is on the ground, lay into him with the bat till he is dead.

Grab his car nearby (Stallion) and head over to the Pay'n'Spray near Luigis to get it sprayed.
This one is complimentary.

Now carefully drive the car over to Luigis Garage opposite the Hospital, and park it. Mission Complete.

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Hint submitted by Slipknot

Ok, instead of hitting him with a bat it would be alot easier to just run him over...WOULDN IT???

Hint submitted by Bob

You don't have to hit the guy with a bat you could shoot him or run him over and if you accidently kill one of Luigi's girls the mission won't be failed!

Hint submitted by shoeshiner

u can lead him 2 other gangs who will kill him, mor fun

Hint submitted by BiggDawg116

Take whatever car you're in and run into da dude and splatter his guts on the ground. Then take his car to Pay n' Spray and get it fixed up. Then take it to Luigi's Garage and you're done. Tada!!!!!!!!!

Hint submitted by Hotshot

This mission is really boring so try and make it a bit more exciting. go round the back and hide behind his car. Aim a sniper rifle just to the side of his head so it doesn't kill him or the hookers. When he turns round shoot him in the face and watch the blood shoot up!!!!!!!!!!!

Hint submitted by Ttam

If you go to run him over make sure yu don't hit the hookers, cos the cops will get on yu back

Hint submitted by Fitzy

First grab the bat and get a car. Next, drive to Portland Harbor. Now you can do one of two things: Run the guy over with your car, or park your car and go beat him down with your bat. Once you've taken care of that matter steal his car, Stallion, and take it to the Pay 'n Spray at the Red Light District. Finally, take his car to the garage near the hospital. Mission Complete!

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