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Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Nothing drives down real estate prices like a good old fashioned gang war, apart from an outbreak of plague...... but that might be going too far in this case.

Ive noticed the Yakuza and the Colombians are far from friends. Lets capitalise on this business opportunity. I want you to kill the Yakuza Waka-gashira, Kenji Kasen.

Kenji is attending a meeting at the top of the multi-story carpark in Newport. Get a Cartel gangcar and eliminate him! The Yakuza must blame the Cartel for this declaration of war.

Mission Hint:

This mission is alot tougher than it sounds. It takes a fair bit of driving skill to make this work.

Once you have the Cartel Cruiser, enter the parking garage, but take it careful you need the cruiser in best condition possible when you get to the top.

It may take a couple of gos to get this, but you have to enter the rooftop garage using the ramp that has the "unique jump" in the corner. Going up here allows you to take a curving run in to kill Kenji, allowing you to make a U-Turn and using the unique jump to exit the garage.

The problem is all the protection, it makes very light work of the Cartel Cruiser, so make it nice, clean, and surgical.Once you have made it out of the garage, leave the area and dump the cruiser to end the mission.

Its a cool cinematic to make the unique jump while the Cartel Cruiser is on fire. The mission will fail, but the camera angle makes for an awesome show while its up in flames.

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Hint submitted by Fly_By

I Just went in and ramed the car into kenji and he is then dead and after that just run a couple of the others over ( i look for the people with shotguns cause they do more damage) then i just get the hell out of there and head north

Hint submitted by Firetrap

Start by getting a Cartel Cruiser and the drive up the car park. Once on the first level without the roof on drive to the oppisite end to the ramp. once there drive up the ramp, drive along the left hand side wall knock Kenji flying and then take a sharp right and jump strait off the ramp and then go dump the car sonwhere quite far away.

Hint submitted by Falcon

This is actually a pretty easy one, just drive the Cartel Cruiser to the top level of the garage, and driver over Kenji (the one with the blue marker). Don't care about the helicopter or the yakuzas shooting at you, just ram Kenji and get out of there. Once you're out, park the car somewhere, and the mission is complete.

Hint submitted by Bulma108

If you've only done Kenji's first two missions and think there too hard here is a lazy trick (but easy). All you have to do is take this mission to kill him and voila!!!

Hint submitted by Over-Kill

I just wnet in and ram Kenji. If Kenji is not dead and you're Cartel is in bad condition, take it to the Pay and Spray shop behind the parking lot(also you might want to try and kill the yakuzas then fix the car again and again Road-kill kenji, then pick up enought speed and jump of the unique stunt bonus then get out of new port and leave youre cartel.

Mission Passed, you have kill Kenji and his henchmen, OVER-KILL style.

Hint submitted by GTA3 King

When you get to the top of the multistory parking lot step on the gas and kill Kengi's ass,then get the hell out of there .(If you think
the cruiser is to dangerous to sit in steal the Yakuza stinger next to Kenji's limo.)

Hint submitted by

just take the far left ramps till you get to the top, there is a biiiiig gap in the limos that block kenji, just run the lisping little bugger down and keep going right to the unique jump and pray you don't tip over.

Hint submitted by BONAFYDE


Hint submitted by Diablo

Before you start the mission grab a cartel car and just head over there, get an uzi and just drive by Kenji!

Hint submitted by Dark_Asassin

I think this is an easy mission! Get the Cartel Cruser and then just go get Kenji! Get to the top of the parking lot and run em all over!!

Hint submitted by genetherapy2002

once up the top drive round the back of the car where kenji is kill him then reverse as quickly as possible then zoom straigh past the other guys and do the jump to freedom!

Hint submitted by Over-Kill

hi guys, it's me again. i found another way to kill kenji and his henchmen easy. when you get the cartel cruiser go to the parking lot. once you get there go up the ramps, BUT don't go the last floor lever where kenji and his henchman are there. instead go the level binif them and get the cartel cruiser away from you. then take out your r.launcher and start shooting at the ceiling were the you know what are there(but make sure that they see you when you where riding the cartel. keep shooting at the ceiling until all of kenji's henchmen are dead. if all of kenji's henchmen are dead then kenji will be left alone leaving him an easy target. over-kill him and you jump the ''unique stunt bonus''or as ''genetherapy2002'' would say''jump to freedom''.

Mission Complete, again!!!
YOU kill kenji, again,Over-Kill style, again!!!

Hint submitted by Gurbzz

When you have the Cartel Cruiser, and you are on the top, be sure to take the last ramp at the side where te "jump-off" ramp is, this way you can make it a one way trip, just driver in to him, take a sharp left and then jump of the ramp. Park the can somewhere and it's done.

Hint submitted by Bluetooth

Drive up to the top making sure that Kenji is on the left and the jump is on the far right. I tried many times to kill kenji and then jump but i always setb on fire to quick. I found the easiest way to do this mission is to kill kenji on the left and then race back down the garage using the downwards ramp and then getting the hell outta there using the way u come in. P.s (This Worked First Time I Tried It)

Hint submitted by Bluetooth Footnote

IMPORTANT. If you want to skip Kenji's missions from grand theft auto dowm inclusively just do this mission first and then Kenji no longer asks for missions to be done. Although i recomend that you do Kenji's missions because they develop you as a gta3 player.

Hint submitted by Cabal

To kill Kenji, all you have to do is go to the top floor, and there are 2 ramps to get to Kenji's floor. If you are just reaching the top floor, then use the ramp to the left. Run over Kenji and drive straight for the big ramp in the corner. If done correctly, you should land near the mall. Ditch the cruiser and get out of Newport.

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