Under Surveillance





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Salvatores death comes as pleasurable news, you are an efficient killer. I like that in a man.

This is my brother Kenji. Asuka has a little job for you, but when youre done, drop by my casino and we can talk.

Just like Kenji, always trying to play with my toys. My police source indicates that the Mafia are watching our interests around the city in a bid to track you down.

We cannot continue our operations until they are dealt with. Take out these spying fools and end this vendetta once and for all.

Mission Hint:

Ok, so the Leone family has some guys out to get you huh ?

This is a reasonable mission, and the sniper rifle once again comes in very handy.

The first group of guys are in a small island in the park near your hideout. From Asukas place, drive all the way back up the road you came from till you hit the T intersection with the park, hang a right, and keep an eye on the wall. There is an entrance near the corner of the park that leads to a shack. Get out of the car, and look to your left, there is a few arrows on the island. Snipe them.The next target is a van over in the business district.

Leave the park, and head south, at the corner of the park, take a right, then a quick left, this will lead you to the van. Use whatever method you like to take it out. Grenades make light work. Ok, the last guys are all lined up on the building opposite the casino. So head over there.

At the driveway entrance on the left is a staircase that leads up to the roof with a helicopter. From there you can snipe the guys in the other building. All over.

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Hint submitted by Over-Kill

You don't need the sniper rifle. just use the rocket launcher
Easy, Weapon Cheat, but if somehow you can't kill the those bastards then I suggest you to you use the sniper but be careful when using the rocket launcher because get to close to the "I can't steal this helicopter which is fake"and the rocket launcher will explode right in you FACE!!!!!

Hint submitted by El Burro

If you do have the sniper rifle I suggest you use it. First go for the ones in the park. Park your car behind a nearby tree and stand behind your car. Aim with your sniper rifle and kill them. Next you will find a van and the best thing to do is use your grenades and blow it up. Then go to Kenji's Casino and drive your car to the front area and park it. Go up the stairscase that leads you to a roof. You will see a fake helicopter. You can use that to cover yourself from fire. Take out your rifle and fire at any one of them. Then they will fire back. They often miss but just in case shot at the ones that are firing at you and the out the rest one by one.

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