Paparazzi Purge





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

A reporter has been nosing around. Maria and I have taken a little holiday together until you can get rid of this perverted voyeur.

Hes probably out in the bay as you read this! Steal a police boat, and sink his career!

Mission Hint:

This is a fun mission, and your first real boat mission.

Once Asuka has finished talking, make your way over to the OTHER docks, not the one you parked in at the end of the first island. Walk towards the entrance of the car park, but instead of leaving it, keep heading towards the end of it. The second set of docks is there with the police boat.

Once you are in the boat, chase after the papparazi. With this mission it is essential to keep the other boat lined up directly in front of you so that your shots count.

If you take too long and make a complete circle of Portland the mission ends, so make it quick, and make your shots count.

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Hint submitted by Tree S.

If you have a rocket launcher, just take the boat out from Asuka's pool area. One well placed shot should do the trick.

Hint submitted by Dep

Make this one really quick, start shooting a long time before you get to him, cuz its hard to control the boat and he has a speeder so if you dont start shooting early, you will lose him and the mission will fail

Hint submitted by 8-ball

If you are to far away from him just stop shooting and your policeboat will go faster so you can get closer to him and then just shoot that jackass!!

Hint submitted by 007codeman

actually there a secret trick to this mission that i found you don't need a police boat or any boat at that matter you just need a rocket-launcher during the mission it will show a picture of him just go about 4 feet to your right aim the rocketlauncher and shoot but you need to hit him twice so shoot fast

Hint submitted by El Burro

If you are really desperate to kill him the easiest way for me was to snipe him on the head but aim quick and you will also need really good timing because the speeder is really quick and sometimes hard to shoot at.

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