Two Faced Tanner





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Maria and I have gone shopping.

Our source in the police has informed us that one of our drivers is a strangely animated undercover cop! Hes more or less useless out of his car, so weve tagged it with a tracer.

Make him bleed!

Mission Hint:

This is a tough mission, the best car for it is the Enforcer Van located in the police parking lot near the casino.

When you reach the casino take the road that leads back to the city along the waters edge, the police station will be nearby (refer to movie) take the police car in the parking lot to get into the protected area, inside should be an enforcer van.

Once you have the van, park on the blue marker to get Tanner running, once on the run, you have to ram him, but as soon as you do, your stars light up and every man and his dog is after you.

Shake the cops, and keep ramming him, the best tactic is ramming him into the water, or making the car flip so you can run him over.

Once he is dead, the heat is off, and its mission over.

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Hint submitted by mark

don't ram him at first, just follow behind him until he drives close to and area where you can ram him into the water

Hint submitted by Ben

Don't even bother ramming him. First beat the arms shortage mission for Ray to make the rocket launcher available at the army surplus store. Get the rocket launcher and start the mission. Once you get to the blue circle, walk into it instead of parking in it. Then just shoot Tanner with the rocket launcher. One shot will kill him.

Hint submitted by $treet Gang$

If you really want to shorten the mission do the weapon cheat...but if you dont want to then you can always get a bunch of cars for a roadblock. Steal cars...then put it right in front where tanner runs...this will slow him down and then you can ram him into the wall perhaps if he is truly slowed down...anyway, he'll start smokin' in no time!!

Hint submitted by Rip

Yeah well this mission is a peice of Cake..
I like the Enforcer.. but if you like Get somthin that can take a bit of a bashin from the cops if need be.. and has
pushin power.. ( i accually used a Stinger)
but wait for him to get near the Water.. and Slam him Stright over the Edge and Splash ur Stars Go down and everyone
is happy :)


Hint submitted by Afrikane

This is simple. Just ride all the way north and that big ass truck from Phil's Army Surplus and then wait for the tanner to come out. The truck is quite slow but if u hit him once, its almost all aver because the truck is huge. Just shunt him into a wall or into the water. Also the truck is hella cool in the fact that it can ride strait though a cop barrier and not slow down.

Hint submitted by Venal Anatomica

Get an Uzi, and do repeated drive-bys on him.

Hint submitted by Wango

Best way is to buy an uzi at ammunation, and do drive bys on him every time you get close, and the best part is you dont even have to cheat.

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