Grand Theft Auto





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of etiquette in this line of work.

To my eternal shame, a man once did me a favor and I have never had the opportunity to repay his kindness. The mans weakness is motor cars and he has requested that we acquire him certain models for his collection.

Needless to say, we must give him the cars as a gift, to repay the debt that I owe him. You must obtain the cars on this list and deliver them to a garage behind the car park in Newport.

My honor demands it.

Mission Hint:

Ok, the 3 cars for this mission are in the movie above. Make sure you take the one nearest the casino first, it will be inside a parking lot with 3 entrances.

Once its in the lockup next to the pay and spray, run down the ramp and jack the van in the garage, ignore the siren.

Do the same thing for the last 2 cars.

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Hint submitted by Trevco.

Don't worry about wrecking cars, there is a spray shop right next to the drop of garage, so if you smash the car a little bit just fix it. Oh, and if you need some cash simply press: R2, R2, L1, L1, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

Hint submitted by tumtumice

i good why to do it is go as fast as posibale it is ok if you crash them next to the garage is the paint and spray stop there but it will take a second

Hint submitted by xafeec

Before you start the mision take two fast cars to the pay and spray and park them neatly next to each other on the upper pltform. Then get another fast car (don't worry once you start driving one fast cars others will appear everywhere) go to kenji and start the mission. When you return to the garage to deliver the first o the cars you will then have a fast car jst outside to speed you on your way to the next car on kenjis list. Repeat this process again and you should do it with quite a few seconds to spare

Hint submitted by tank14

just go really fast ang get to know the area as well as i do.

Hint submitted by Romeo

Its best that you dont reck the car to much(no smoke)or else pay and spray wont repair it.

Hint submitted by rookie

well just take your time and you will do alright

Hint submitted by Shaz

GO, GO, GO as fast as u can! Its easy if u know the area first.

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