Gone Fishing





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

I think my partners a rat. We gotta shut him up, permanently.

He goes fishing out of his boat near the lighthouse on Portland Rock most nights. Steal a police boat and make sure his back stabbing plans are sunk! I want him sleeping with the fishes, not eating them.

Mission Hint:

Grab the police boat where you met Maria in the last Salvatore mission, and head to the lighthouse on Portland (near Salvatores place)

There you will meet Rays partner in his boat. Its much the same as the Paparazzi mission except this time Rays partner will drop depth charges, so when he drops them, dodge them keep doing this till you destroy the other boat.

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Hint submitted by Tree S.

Don't even bother to chase him from the back for fear of the depth charges. Just come close enough so he runs, then wait for him to drive the boat up on the beach. Just drive your boat up and try to run him over when he gets out. Once he's out of the boat, he's an easy target either way.

Hint submitted by dc47

This one was real easy for me. On my second try at the mission I came up toward the target from behind the big container ship and then it cut away to the cut scene where Ray's partner throws a grenade out into the water. Well, for some reason the angle was weird and his first grenade ricochetted back into his boat and he blew himself up. Mission Complete. Dumb luck, I guess.

Hint submitted by Danny

i did this mission by following rays partner around and shotting him a little.when the bar is nearly full he should drive on to the beach.kill him with anything except a rocket launcher.when he is dead take his boat back in the water (push it) and drive off.this boat cant be blown up.drive back to staunton and there should be a pipe in the water stopping u from getting to shorside.drive up on to the road and push the boat home using a strong car like a barracks or flatbed.

Hint submitted by Triad52

When your close enough, just get out you bazooka that you got in the mission "Arms Shortage" and blow him and his boat to pieces!

Hint submitted by Ttam02

Keep shooting him until he jumps out the boat on the beach, then just get out yu sniper rifle and blow his head off.

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