Evidence Dash





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

I know a real important man in town, a soft touch, with shall we say, exotic tastes and the money to indulge them.

Hes involved in a legal matter and the prosecution has some rather embarrassing photos of him at a morgue party or something.

The evidence is being driven across town. You are going to have to ram that car and collect each little bit of evidence as it falls out.

When youve got it all, leave it in the car and torch it. Were both gonna do pretty well outta this kid.

Mission Hint:

With this one, you have to ram a car carrying evidence for a character later in the game.

Each time you ram the car, evidence will drop out. You dont have to get out of the car to collect it, so by ramming, then jamming the breaks you can run over the evidence collecting it in the car.

Keep doing this till all the evidence is collected. Once its all collected, use grenades or whatever to blow the car up. Mission Over.

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Hint submitted by Slipknot

Ya know, tanks will do you alot of good in this game youll just need the code. Anyway just type the tank cheat in and ram him. You dont even need to get the evidence when you ram him with a tank. For codes for GTA3 or any other
game you need codes for go to codes.ign.com

Hint submitted by DemonsSpear

You can leave the packages on the ground once they are dropped. There is no need to pick them up immediatly. Use this to your advantage by going to the Pay-And-Spray after all the packages are dropped, then go back and pick them up nice and easy.

Hint submitted by Ben

you can just use the "blow up all cars" cheat and your done!

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