Payday For Ray





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Its my handsome handyman! Marias all tied up at the moment but Ill tell her you called.

Whos that? Asuka? I know Ive been a naughty girl but I really need to pee! OK?

Its time you met our man inside the LPD. Heres his payment for the last little job he did for us. He is understandably cautious.

Get to the pay phone in Torrington as quick as you can and await his instructions.

Mission Hint:

Ok, with this mission you need a really fast car. There is a Banshee parked over in the Casino parking lot (drive down the driveway next to the steps, and its at the bottom) so grab it before taking the mission.

Follow my movie above to learn the fastest route to take. Its too hard to explain in text.

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Hint submitted by Reality

Get the upto the Casino...stand with the casino at your back and walk into the blue light...the guy gets in the car and drives! Mission Accomplished! Albeit using a weapons cheat...

Hint submitted by gtamadman

Get a fast car. try the mission once and study the routes to the phones. Once you have tried that, do the mission over, but go to the last payphone and listen for instructions(mission over)!!!

Hint submitted by stevo & Jess

Grab the fastest car you can, i used a yakuza stinger due to the amazing handling, and just zip around town like it's your job..... (well it kinda is). Then before you know it! Bam, you're done.

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