Deal Steal





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

When trouble looms, the fool turns his back, while the wise man faces it down.

The Colombian Cartel have ignored repeated requests to leave our interests in Liberty well alone. Now they are negotiating terms with the Jamaicans in order to humiliate us further.

They are finalizing a deal across town. Our Honor demands that you leave no one alive. Take one of my men, steal a Yardie car, and go and pay your respects to the Colombians.

Mission Hint:

The deal is going down in the Hospital Parking Lot.

Grab a Yardie Lobo, they are easy to find over near the multilevel carpark where you had to take the cars last mission.

Once you have the lobo (stop playing with the suspension Ok) you can head over and pick up your contact, from there head straight to the hospital and get the deal going.

The Yakuza will get out of the car, you cant help him now, and when he dies, its Ok, the mission wont fail.

Now run down the Columbians and grab the briefcase. Blow up the 2 Columbian Cruisers, and take the briefcase back to the Casino. The blue mission marker is in the carpark where the Banshee is.

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