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Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Ive got your precious Maria. If you dont want her face to look like she fell out with the butcher bring $500,000 to the Villa at Cedar Grove.


The real question is, did you turn up to rescue Maria or to get me back?

Come on you dumb bitch!

Well I got news for you, shooting you will be a pleasure but dating you was only business. You are muy peccinno amigo!

Throw over the cash.

You have been a busy boy!

But you havent learned, Im not to be trusted.

Kill the idiot.

Mission Hint:

I have not made a movie for this mission, partly because it would be so huge, and secondly its about time you guys played the game on your own.

Ok, the endgame mission. First, you need $500,000 so if you dont have the dough, do some work to get it (by now you should though)

Now, head over to Shoreside and use your safehouse there to save the mission, because I can assure you, you WILL be doing this one a few times.

Once saved, head up to the Columbian mansion, and walk into the blue marker, a cutscene begins laying out the cards. Be ready for the ending. When it ends, you are left with no weapons so be prepared to run straight at the pistol on the ground.

Once you have it, take out the guard nearby, then run over to the gates and kill the 2 there. Now run back to the Cartel Cruiser, and jump in, and head out the gates.

Another cutscene.

Stay in the Cruiser, take a left and head up the hill, then take the left again to take the road behind the Columbian mansion. At the T intersection, hang another left, and follow it to the hairpin corner is.

There will be 2 cruisers guarding the entrance so use the AK47 you got from the gate guards to take them out.

Now drive down the road and stop short so you can take out the next lot of guards and their cruisers. There is a Sniper Rifle on the grass nearby, grab it and use it.

Now it starts gettig tough.

You will need to use the R1 Aim Assist button alot here, because there is heaps of columbians. Use short sharp bursts to take them out. There is also a health pickup behind the containers.

Now, you need to make your way to the helicopter pad at the end, so use the aim, and shoot, and always pick up the weapons from the dead columbians.

By this stage the helicopter is out taking shots, ignore it, keep running and get up the stairs.

Kill the columbians up here as well, and be carefull, they have flame throwers. There is a Rocket Launcher nearby with 2 rockets. One is all you need.

Once the chopper is taken out, go and grab Maria and enjoy the endgame cutscene.

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Hint submitted by Jimmy

Hi i'm not so god at english but i will try!!!
You get a bullet prof patriot after you completed the mission "marked man". i took the car to my hideout in staunton island and then before i took the mission i drive the car to my hideout in Shoreside vale.i acepted the mission and killed the colombians at the villa. i drive to the hideout and took the car and drive towards cochrane dam.

I took the car and run over,killed, the guards at cochrane dam but i did not kill the colombians at the containers.
when i got to the stairs i step out of the car and climbed, runed up on the stairs and just kill the guards with a uzi that i picked up at the vila in cedar grove. and then i took the grenade launcher and shot the chopper down.
i made it at my second try!!!
i hope that you think that the hint was good.
please send a mail and say what you think about the hint.

Hint submitted by LordDiablo

if youve been collecting the hidden packages go down the road to your hideout. pick up the weapons and the armor (and if you have it the health icon). now head down the road that takes you to the D-Ice phone. make a right and keep going straight. pass a street and then see somewhat of a lake. follow the road. you should go past the tunnel that leads into shoreside. keep going and then you should see a turn. take the turn and your right in front of the dam. if you have the rocket launcher taking out cars is a hell of a lot easier. bust through and when the helicopter takes off shoot it down right away. after the chopper go downs the timer stops. then you can take your time getting to Maria.

Hint submitted by Matt

It took me about 5 times to beat this mission, but once you know where to go it is really easy. Take your time when you get to the mansion. Get some cover find out where the guys are and use your ammo wisely. Get to the helicopter place kill the two gaurds, grab the sniper. First get all the guys that are standing still (like the guys that are at the top of the stairs) get out the uzi and kill the others. Watch out for the cars! get out the Ak47 and shoot the flame throwers from the stairs. Grab Maria and your spent!

Hint submitted by mr.OX

ok first i dont like cheat codes so ill tell youi how to do it the old fashon way the easyest way is to get a fast car a stinger is grate cuz it takes damege park it in front of the gate now be smart and get some body armor befor going in now when you get the gun dash to the pool it beside the house now take the hiden pak and run to the other side theres a smal grage dash there inside youll find some body armor take it and get in the car head to the gate go off road to the right when you get to the gate crush the 2 guys there take there wepons now go out and ride your car take a left and go up the hill and then take a nother left till the end of the road the dam is there but dont go yet go back to your hide out and take your wepons armor and the bp patriot if you have it till will be a lot easer now go back to the dam use a grenade to brake up the road blocks its fun doing it this way go take the sniper rifle on the right and shoot the guys on top thers one over the crates 2 otheres up the stairs on the right get back in your car and go to the the stairs kill the guys there from inside your car then you go up use the shot gun to kill the flamethrower guys and then its all over get the rocketlansher and its all over baby...

Hint submitted by 007codeman

the easiest way is to get a banshee ride up the side of the damn were the columbians don't shoot you and go to the landing pad (just go striaght on the side of the dam) the dam is at an angle and can be rode up on. once actually before you go on the pad take your sniper and take out the 2 columbians at the top. ride your car too the landing pad and get the rocket launcher shoot the helicopter and BOOM BABY! There yah have it. i-bely-bely-bely-thats all folks

Hint submitted by Mark

If you have the bullet-proff partiot from Ray drive up to the villa, and park it outside, when you knock out the guard, grab his handgun and use R1 to target the guards hold down O to get almost rapid fire, run out of the gate, and watch the heliocpter take off. Get in your partiot, and head down one level in the circuolar road, drop down the hill near the car park and the bunshsee. Drive up to the entance smash through the two crusiers, and just before the main gate, pick up the siper rifle, use it to kill the guards near the helipad. Drive and smash through the trucks and then avoid the brarracks oil coming towrds you, climb up the steps to the helipad shoot the two next to Maria. watch out though incase you hit her. Then grab the rocket launcher and shoot down the chopper. Then wait for the Maria to get shot in the credits

Hint submitted by Andeep Singh


First get a fast car or even a bullet-proof car would be even better. After the cut-scene run furword and grab the pistol then take out a few cartels infront of you and run into the bushs. When you are behind then take out the cartels and run forward to pick up their guns then take out the guys on the roof. Hop into a cartel car and get out the same way you got in. There will be a cut-scene and it will say follow the helicopter. Don't follow it , go the opposite way and get to the dam. Use the all weapons cheat and blow-up the cars blocking the way. Use your sniper and take out all the cartels. Then go foward to the end of the dam and climb the stairs kill the two guys either side of Maria and blow-up the chopper!BOOM!

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