Grand Theft Aero





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Thank you for retrieving those packages, but they were only a decoy.

Sorry about that, but thats sometimes the way in business. My real objective was hidden on the plane all along.

Unfortunately the port authorities seized the plane and were stripping it down until I intervened at great personal expense.

Cross the bridge to Shoreside Vale and go to Francis International Airport. Ive paid off the officials. My property will be waiting for you at the customs hanger in the aircrafts fuselage.

Mission Hint:

Hmmm, so it seems that the packages you worked you ass off for were a decoy.

Oh well, time to finish it off.

The plane is over at the Airport on Shoreside. As you leave the bridge take the first left down the hill, then straight up the driveway. Crash through the barrier and head towards the 2nd last hanger.

Park under one of the Jets out the front and take a look inside, you see the Dodo being guarded by some Columbians, so the first thing is to take them out. The sniper rifle makes light work of this.

Once they are dead, jump into the Dodo (like any other car) and the packages are gone. So get into the Van outside and then head back to Staunton Island.

Now comes the hard part (no the last part was a walk in the park) you have to enter the construction compound through a heavily guarded entrance, so make sure you have a heap of Grenades, and Rockets by this time.

Use the Rockets, Grenades, and AK47 to work your way into the compound, take it carefully though, because a couple of Columbians stand on top of the compound making your shots harder.

Once they are cleared out, head over to the lift and take it up to the top of the building. Here will be a cutscene, enjoy and finish the mission.

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Hint submitted by Tree S.

This mission is a peice of cake as long as you do Ray's mission, "Marked Man". Ray give's you a bullet proof hummer on completion. Drive that hummer into the hanger and take your sweet time to drive by all the columbians. Use the same technique with the construction sight. Drive the hummer through the coumpound, again take your time. Don't get out of the car until you get right next to the lift. You don't even have to kill all the columbians with this method.

Hint submitted by Brad Dad

For the second part of tis miision you will need arocket launchers and grenades like it said. except dont go through the entrance drive around the compound untill you see the lift withought going in jump on top of your car and shoot your rocket launcher at them untill most of them are dead use your other weapoins for the rest.

Hint submitted by Sam S.

For the second part of this mission, yes, you can go in with rockets, gernades, and guns blazing. But if you want an almost 100% chance of success, you can go and buy around 25 sniper rifle shots, and then when you get to the construction site, don't go down the hill, instead, walk around the outside perimeter and snipe everyone inside the blue fortress that you can see. This will be everyone except maybe 1 or at most 2 people. You throw gernades over the sides of the wall to get rid of them and you'll know they're all dead when the message appears to board the lift.

Hint submitted by Rip

With this mission I loved playin with the Dodo pity it doesnt fly .. one thing I really wanted to do in this heh
anyway *cough*
for this mission I always use the Sniper
when you Rock up at the Airport and see the Van Drive away before the Cartel Notice ya.. Snipe one if ur quick ya can
take out 2 of em maybe..
but then I sit back and when there little heads come up just pick em off
get in the Plane ( always tried to fly it.. heh most I got was 7 seconds) then Get to the Van.. and Cruise over to the
Buildin Site... sit on the edge .. use ur remainin Snipe bullets to pick off most of em.. then Lob a few Gren's in there
and that should take care of most of em.. then there is usually a few people left so take em out with the Uzi or what ever..
easy as :)


Hint submitted by GMoney

I don't know what everyone is talking about...the entrance I used to the construction site was not guarded. I drove in, then drove my car up the ramp of the building under construction and ran over the Columbian.

Then, I got out of the car and ran up the stairs. From there, you can see down into the compound area. Use the sniper rifle and throw grenades.

I only had to shoot 3 guys once I went in.

Hint submitted by ben dover

you must have done the "marked man" mission for Ray before you do this one. use ray's bulletproof patriot and take out the cartel at the airport with either an m16 or a sniper rifle (m16 reccomended)but be careful not to hit the dodo too much or it will explode and the mission will be this is were the bp patriot comes in handy, when you have to go to the pan-lantic construction yard in staunton the cartel will try to kick yuor @$$ with m16s but just mow them down with your car or do drivebys on them. once you have killed them all go into the lift to get the package and then catalina and miguel come and there is all this crap and asuka comes and blames miguel for killing kenji. go back down and the mission passed scren will come up. you have started working for asuka again aswell.

Hint submitted by 8-ball

Before you enter the pan-lantic, try to throw some grenades over the blue walls so it willl be easier to take the packages. Make sure you got a sniper-rifle and a shotgun or a uzi.
Be careful and watch your back cause someone will come after you when youre halfway!!

Hint submitted by Josh Scott

When you arrive outside Donald's Hanger, drive by the entrace so the cartels see you. They will not chase after you. Then, go around the walls on the outside of the hanger with a flamethrower and shoot it through the walls. You will get rid of EVERY cartel inside the hanger if you cover the whole hanger. Then proceed to go to the van, and then back to fort Staunton.

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