Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

A lesson in business, my friend. If you have a unique commodity, the world and his wife will try to wrestle it from your grasp... even if they have little understanding as to its true value.

SWAT teams have cordoned off the area around my associate and the package. Get over there, pick up the van and act as a decoy. Keep them busy and he should make good his escape.

Mission Hint:

This mission is pretty hair raising to begin with, so a couple of tricks.

First, as you are heading to where the Van you protected is stored, make sure you jack a few cars and use them to block the police cars stationed all over the place. Be quick though, because the cars will dissapear if left too long.

Once you are happy, jump in the van and watch the cops pour out of the wood work.

The goal is simple, stay alive long enough to beat the timer. How you do this is up to you. Good luck.

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Hint submitted by Nicky

Once you get to the van head to the airport and drive around for the duration not many police will follow.

Hint submitted by Tree S.

Take the tunnel, for this one. Stay in the tunnel for the whole mission. There are no Army baracades, SWAT enforcers, or helicopters in the tunnel. Just a few measly cop cars. This makes your life a whole lot easier. Just go back and forth from the Portland exit, to the Shorside Vale exit.

Hint submitted by blackpool mafia

hi-jack a few car's 2 block off the enforcer's then get in the van and head staright for the sub way. this may sound stupid but drive down the sub way right to the track side and wait. the cop's aren't down there and don't go down there so all u need to 2 do is sit back and relax.
hop this help's

Hint submitted by Thomphson2002

Before starting the Decoy Mission ( by getting into the Securicar ) first blow all Enforcers and Police Cars.Then get into the Car and drive in the direction of Cedar Grove then before entering the section of the Cartel Mansion head down the circled road to get to your Hideout.Then park your car into the Garage.When you get into the Garage then the Helicopters will not shoot at you and the Tanks,Cop cars and Enforcers will not bump you! Then,when parked into the Garage just start to read a book or something untill the Mission is over.

NOTE: Do NOT get out of your car or else the mission will fail

Hint submitted by Slipknot

First, when you get to the place that has the van enter the tank cheat which is O,O,O,O,O,O,R1,L2,L1,TRIANGLE,O,TRIANGLE
I havent tried this yet but I have a good feeling it will work because cop cars even barraks and tanks cant move a tank
but you gotta fing a way to do something bout the helicopter.

Hint submitted by robinsonbond007

Hey listen to that Thomphson2002 he's truly right. So all you do is go hop in the vehicle that you drive that you have to get the cops after you and not that oriental guy, for Donald(THE LOWER WANTED LEVEL CHEAT DOSEN'T WORK). But, don't worry about the guy oriental guy. But all you have to do is exit the place and head the road straight and take the first right but you are going to be ramped from every which direction but just try to stay on the road. And when you take that first right after you go straight after existing that thing you should be going on a bridge and you shouldn't be getting hit to bad you really don't have to worry to much right here but after the bridge there is a very winding road that is to the right and that is what you want to take but there is going to be a barracade on that road so be careful and just go around it. Don't plow thru thow becuase you might blow up your truck. After you go thru that there really should be no problem besides not trying to flip the vehicle. Now after the road ends there will be a two way road take the right there and take the right to get off the road and enter your garage but don't worry if you have cars in there just plow thru them (they will automatically repair themselfs after the garage doors close) but make sure you stay in the truck and just stay in your garage and no cop will touch you. The cops don't leave there cars, and so now you will be about 3/4 damage all the way up and now just wait until the time runs out and you get your money and the wanted level falls now all you have to do is save.

Hint submitted by Sexual Harassment Panda

Fool-Proof Method- Drive your ass to the airport and circle the runways. You can get away with this with absolutely no cops what-so-ever for the majority of the time. The cops will chase you (3-4 cars max) for only the remaining 30 seconds. Still, with so much open space at the airport, they should just bounce right off you.

Hint submitted by BackDoorMan

Get the van and head towards the airport but do not go into the airport instead go back to where the subway entrance is and drive around the fountain and subway stairs NO cops will follow, only the helicopter and if you don't stop it won't shoot

Hint submitted by Mark

Before entering the truck, blow up the SWAT and Police and leg it into the van then go to the tunnel and when you are about to have ahead on with a cop car, just floor it, and the car will go flying, just stay in the tunell until the time runs out. NOTE : don't flip your wheels

Hint submitted by GTA MASTER

all i did was head for the airport and hide in one of the garages, but when the cops found me i just did laps of the airport. i hardly got a scratch

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