Escort Service





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

You are proving to be a safe investment, a rare thing in these days of false hood.

My Oriental friend will need an escort while he takes my latest acquisition to be authenticated. I want you to follow him, and make sure both he and my package get to Pike Creek unharmed.

Mission Hint:

This mission is pretty straightforward. You need a tough vehicle to protect Donalds interest.

So grab the Enforcer once again. Once you have it, head back to Donalds office and head around the corner, here the van is waiting.

Heaps of Columbians will be trying to ram the van, so stick behind the van you are protecting so you can hog the road and ram the Columbians as they try to overtake you.

The van takes the Tunnel route to Shoreside, which makes your job a little easier, because you can really hog the tunnel.

Dont forget to keep an eye on the damage meter, and once the van is safe, the mission is over.

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Hint submitted by Chris

This missions was probably easier than the "Give me Liberty" missions. (The first missions of the game.) All you have to do is let the truck drive. Don't even go near the truck. Basically let the truck drive to where it is going, don't follow it. The truck had got damaged, but it got their. If you follow it, they tend to damage it to the extent of explosion. I just drove around Staunton Island until the mission was passed.

Hint submitted by Ed

You can follow the van using the tank to make life easier. The Columbians will constantly run into it and not be able to hit the van because of your size.

Hint submitted by JEFF

What I like to do is, get the m16(you should have one,but if not there is one in bush next to the van). When you got that
jump on top of the van and ride it. Shoot any threat to it. If you fall off after you've got going don't worry it still will probably
make it

Hint submitted by Stevo

Simple stuff here. All you have to do is get the Barracks OL and lug that thing behind the van the entire ride. It easily takes up the entire road, and blocks those cartel scum easily, which keeps the Jesse relatively untouched!!!!!

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