Marked Man





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

You werent followed? Good. This is it, Im way over my head and Im starting to drown here!

The CIA seem to have a vested interest in SPANK and they dont like us screwing with the Cartel.

Im a marked man, so Im getting out of here. Get me to my flight at the airport and Ill make it worth your while!

Mission Hint:

So Ray is in trouble. This mission is worth doing purely because of the reward (A bullet proof Humvee)

The best action to take is using a Banshee, because of its speed. Once you have the car, go and take the mission from Ray.

Once you have him in the car, you find out the bridge is blocked, so take the tunnels. People get confused with the tunnels because there is 2 exits on Shoreside, the one to take is the first left.

As you near the exit the barrier is gone (U-Turn area?) so cut across to the other road so you are travelling against traffic, and take the other entrance, and gun it out of there, hang a left and head to the main entrance of the Airport.Once Ray gets out, the timer ends, and there is a new objective on the map, head over to it to collect your prize.

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Hint submitted by lucas

use a tank and drive across the bridge do not worry about the people shooting you just keep driving

Hint submitted by Tito

there are 2 things u can do
1)just get a tank and drive through the bridge.Even though the tank is slow, u will make in time with about 30 seconds remaining.Another way is to get the bulletproof cheetah and go through the bridge. The cheetah is fast and bullet proof so u will make it with about a minute left.
2)The other option is to take the tunnel. You have to watch out for traffic because if ur driving with a fast car u might crash and waste time.

Hint submitted by gta3 man

Get a fast car ( e.g. cheetah, stinger, police,infernous) then when in the car with ray drive to the train station in rockford and drive through untill in shoreside vale.
Then go up the steps untill you are out side then go around the corner down some more steps and drive to the blue marker.
You will then say ta ta to ray and then drive to the marker on your radar. (EASY PEASY SIMPLE PIMPLE)

Hint submitted by Puck

u can just drive in the subway tunnels. it takes u right to the airport, and saves a lot of time. be careful of the trains tho. drive on the side of the tracks where no train ever comes.

Hint submitted by MountainDew100

Just go on foot and take short cuts. It might take 5 minuets but then what fun is it to take a car??

Hint submitted by C Money

Use the sniper rifle and/or rockets to take out the FBI agents on the bridge. There are three trios of men, two on staunton island side and one more on shoreside vale. Use a fast car to evade FBI gunfire and the popo, as they will come after you after you waste the FBI.

Hint submitted by stevo

Pick Ray up from the tiolets, (who knows why that's his hangout?) drive straight back toward your garage, then make a left then take your first right and go straight all the way till the end. Make another right and about 1/2 mile down there's the entrance to the tunnel. From here on out it's incredibly easy. I love this Jesse mission

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