Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Do we tighten it some more now, or just wait for it to turn black and fall off?
Give it a quick prod... Eeeeeeyoooo! What IS that gooey yellow stuff?

Oh hi Babe. My Handyman! I was bored so I came over to keep Asuka company.

Shes got the makings of a natural this girl. Shes managed to extract this little gem from our guest.

There is a plane coming into Francis International in 2 hours time. It is full of Catalinas poison. You can avoid airport security by getting a boat out to the runway-light buoys and shooting the plane down on its approach.

Collect the cargo from the debris and stash it!Oh you be careful now, OK baby? Now try the chilli oil.....

Mission Hint:

My aim with the Rocket Launcher sucks, so this one took me more attempts than it should have.

The boat for this mission is over near the start of the road that leads to the lift bridge (refer to map) grab it, and head straight over to the buoy and past it with the boat.

I prefer to get onto the runway itself, which saves alot of time when you have shot the plane down.

You should really do this fast enough, so you can snipe the Cartel at the top of the Runway Ramp (to get the packages) otherwise you will die quite fast from both the police helicopters and Cartel.

Ok, so the Cartel are gone, now hopefully you didnt take too long, and you are able to shoot the plane from the base of the runway. Once its down, the police helicopter comes out, so run.

To avoid the cops in the chopper, stay out of the helicopter spotlight. Simple.

Now, once you have all the packages, get back to your boat, and hightail it back to the docks and run up the docks making your exit from the boat easier.

Now, get in your car, and get up to the road, and you will soon realise how tough cops can actually be.

Choppers, Cops, Enforcers, and FBI ... the only thing missing is the Army, and if you kill too many cops they will be along very quickly.

So get over to the Pay'n'Spray ASAP to get rid of the heat. Once its off, get back to the Construction Site for the next mission.

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Hint submitted by scooter

go onto the sand you should have 1 or 2 min left so get out of the boat walk up the sand and use your snple rifle to some in on the cartles at the top of the hill and kill them crackheads and run up the ramp take there weapons get in the truck go boack to the blue marking and wait for the plane and shoot it down when it comes collect the cargo decrease your wanted level with R2 R2 L1 R2 up down up down up down and drive back to asuka or take the boat and you can drive back by going back down the run way and take a right at the end and follow the road to the exit to get to the bridge.

Hint submitted by bodeen

the easiest way to do this is to go to the airport the way where u have to knock the rail down in order to get in . Go to the runway where the plane comes down at and when it gets close enough shoot it down with the rocket launcher . Pick up the cargo and then run down the runway but stop about 100 feet from the plane or more. You will see about 5-6 cartel guys on the right and left side of the runway. Pull out your sniper rifle and snipe them out then take their truck and go back to asuka's!

Hint submitted by master of gta3

when at cochrane dam blow up all the cartel with a tank then throw a grenade on to the roof where maria is then go up get the rocket launcher and blow up the helicopter then rescue maria and you have completed the game

Hint submitted by Ray in the park

if you still got the patriot from ĻA Marked Man drive rigt to the airport and ram the colombians down get out of the car and wait on the plane to arrive then you shoot it with a BAZOOKA get the packages and drive back to Asuka with the packages

Hint submitted by Mike

This Mission is great if u can shoot the friggin plane! anyway a good way to get to the packages on the upper part of the runway is to snipe the cartel Who are waiting to KILLL you from a distance or you will not have a chance!!.
Good Luck

Hint submitted by LUker

Use a hummer and after getting the mission drive across the curling bridge on the other side of the park and take that straight to the airport. From there just run over the cartel membersand pick up their guns (one will have a rocket launcher). Then shoot down the plane, run around picking up the things, then get the hell out of there and go straight to the pay and spray.

Hint submitted by gta master

this mission is fugin hard the easy way to do it is 2 drive to the airport and blow up the plane when it lands take out the colombians there too with the sniper rifle. THANK U VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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