Espresso 2 Go





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

We underestimated Catalinas plans for SPANK. It reaches far beyond the Yardies selling it on the street corners.

The Cartel have a front company, The Kappa Coffee House. Theyve been selling SPANK through the street stalls. We have no choice but to put these drug stands out of operation.

Smash them to splinters!!

Mission Hint:

This mission seems to cause the most pain for people, and honestly, after playing it a number of times, its really quite easy.

The key thing to remember is that the timer doesnt start till you damage the first Espresso Stall. So take your time to travel all over the 3 islands so the stalls show up on your ingame map, this will make it easier to pinpoint each one in the heat of the chase.

Now, the starting point I use is over in Portland, outside the entrance to Salvatores mansion. Ram the first stall there with your car, and the timer starts.

Keep running across the top of the hill, past the restaurant where you had to bomb the car, and down the hill. Take the first left, and the next stall is outside the entrance to the Portland Docks. Thats all the stalls in Portland (2 total).

Now keep following the road you are on without taking side streets and this leads you to Callahan Bridge, go over, and take the stall in the park first (ramming is faster) then head over and take out the stall in the carpark near the parking garage (where you killed Kenji). From there, double back and find the other 2 stalls at the other end of the island. Once is near Donalds place, the other is outside a church. The next one is in a grey, dugout area. Thats all the stalls on Staunton (7 total)

Now hightail it over to the lift bridge connecting Staunton and Shoreside (hope the bridge is down)Once over the bridge, take the left down the road past the Airport, to the Subway entrance, ram this stall. If you didnt already pick up the Cartel Cruiser when you did your scouting, then he will be here now, so keep a lookout. The last one is at the Hospital on Shoreside, once its taken out, the mission is over.

Good Luck

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Hint submitted by Slipknot

Ok, now you know that the timer dosnt start till you ram a stand, right? So to make it
a bit easier just locate all eight without hiting them and I guarentee theyll stay on the map.

Hint submitted by Jimmy

Do the obvious already said by two people and then activate the "speed up game" cheat this will make you faster but not the time go faster this should give you a hand p.s. i dont mean the speed up time cheat that would just make it harder.

Hint submitted by Nick

This was not that easy for me at first, but then I got it. I think you should use the Karuma or the Taxi, not the Cabbie. It doesn't really matter though. First don't kill the first stand. Find the five stands in Staunton Island, the go to Shoreside Vale. There are two there. Find them. Take the Porter Tunnel and head to Portland(Use the signs if you never used the Porter Tunnel). Find the two there and then make sure you know the Porter Tunnel in and out. destroy the stands in Portland first(You don't have to kill the Colombians in the stands). Then take the Porter Tunnel and go to Shoreside Vale. destroy them and go back to the Porter Tunnel. Go to Staunton Island and take out the five there. MISSION COMPLETE!

Hint submitted by Blink 182

Go around each island so they all come up on your map.
Then when youve done that start off in portland and work your way round liberty city
smashing all the other stalls it took us a while to do it but we did it in the end.
Dont forget to keep listenin to our music
We have a new song comin out in april called 'oh sh*t my mums home'
P.S Good Luck

Hint submitted by Matt

This is the easiest mission of Auskas. Scout the stalls, start at Portland, ram the stalls don't shoot them. (The mafia doesn't like you that much and will blow up your car!) Get the other stall on the way to the Callahan bridge. Just shoot the stalls at Stauton with the rocket launcher. Go to Shoreshide and take a left jump the part on the left side of the tunnel and go all the way until you see the white wall, get out and shoot it with the bazooka. There isn't any cartel cruiser that comes after you! Speed up to the hospital, ram the stall and collect your $40,000.

Hint submitted by Fudd

I started off on STanunton with the first Stand that appears on the map. Position it so that its on your left and after destroying it (I used Rocket Launcher for all of them) head straight ahead towards LOve MEdia. YOu need to go over one street to the left for the second one but then just follow the road and if you've seen them on the map at least once you know 3, and 4 are on the same road. The 5th one is right by the park and right by Callahan Bridge. Its pretty easy to take that down and head straight over to portland. From the Bridge in Portland its a staiught ahaead drive for #6 and a quick right up St Marks for #7. Then make sure you know how to get to the porter tunnel really fast (a right then left then right I think). Take the tunnel to the airport entrance (very close to #8) and then onto #9. I did it on my 3rd try with just over 2 minutes to spare.

Hint submitted by y-me369

When I did this mission I got them all on my map and shoot the colombian cartels I startedwith the one closest to Salvatore's place. I did this in 1 try.

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