Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

Miguel seems to think Im mistreating him. Still, hes revealed the extent to which Catalina fears your quest for revenge.

She has three death squads dotted around Liberty, whose sole job is to hunt you down.

Act as the bait, and get the death squads to follow you to Pike Creek where some of my men will be waiting for them.

Mission Hint:

This mission should be easier than it seems, although the Columbians are pains in the ass, and quite often take out the Triad.

To make it easier, I tend to use the Bullet Proof Patriot you got from Ray, that way you dont run the risk of having your car blown by gunfire.

Lure the Columbians into the Triad trap, but handbrake turn so you are facing out. When the Columbians arrive, wait till they get out, then run them over. This takes the heat off the Triad allowing them to survive, and shoot the remaining Columbians.

Rinse and repeat for the last remaining cars.

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Hint submitted by x.589

i tend to find it easeir using a tank so when your turning into the triad trap yuo can wait to they get out the car and blow them up

Hint submitted by MothMan

I accually just get in a Sentinal and make one follow me to the YAKUZA (not Triad) Trap at a time

Hint submitted by GTAFreak

All you have to do is get a fast car and lead the Cartel to the spot.
Don't blow them up before they see you.
Park in the far right-hand corner at the end and either,
1. Wait for the YAKUZA (what is with this triad s***!!) to blow the hell out of the Cartel
2. Do it yourself! Rocket + Car= EXPLOSION!!
But be careful, and make sure the Cartel don't get out of the
car until they are completely in the trap. (At lesat past the guy on top of the giant crate)

Hint submitted by Andy

I like to lure them there one at a time,, as you enter the trap there is a ramp at the end and i just speed up and jump the ramp to get out of the way whilst the Yakuza kill the columbians

Hint submitted by Over-Kill

What I did was steal a Banshee and look for the cartel. Once i lurd them to the Triads or Yakuza trap I hit the gas and jump of the ramp in front of you.

Easy, Right

Hint submitted by GMoney

When you lead them into the trap, make a right into the alley and wait. Once the car following you explodes, you can run out and collect weapons.

You can also use the buidling to protect you...just sit there with the rocket they come into view, BAM!

Hint submitted by steve

start from shoreside vale but before you start the time locate all the drug stans in staunton island it's easier.
well you know you always crash in to car,people et... so when your car is about to blow up uses this code .
the car from blowing up . i hope this helps some one

Hint submitted by snugens91

it is very easy just use a tank. wait for them and when he comes just run into him!!

Hint submitted by grand theft auto 3 dude

well if you use the barics ol you have a chance of liveing cause the cartel cant run off the road

Hint submitted by Jackass

Dont kill the persons who is trying to kill the boys following you. You will get the mission failed. I did and i regret it.

Hint submitted by Hotshot

If there is some people on the road trying to shoot the guys pick up your uzi and pump 'em full of bullets, 'coz if they blow up one of the guys cars it's mission over.

Hint submitted by pogo the monkey

easy way: get the bulletproof patriot(dont crash it its not crash proof)and drive straight past the first guy after the airport and take him to the trap and drive straight through over the ramp and you should be facing the bridge to the other side of shoreside vale. do the same for the other two but dont blow up their cars before they are into the trap and dont let them drive off the road or flip over or anything that will kill them before the trap.

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