A Drop In The Ocean





Staunton Island





Shoreside Vale




Mission Brief:

In these days of moral hypocrisy certain valuable commodities can be hard to import.

On its approach to the airport tonight, a light aircraft will pass over the bay. It will drop several packages into the water.

Make sure you pick them up before anyone else does.

Mission Hint:

This is another boat mission. The boat itself is located on the same dock used to escape Salvatore at the end of the Portland missions.

So get a fast car, and get over there. Once you have the boat, line it up so its facing the Portland side where the bridge connects, the first package will drop around there.

Once you have the first one, follow the plane and keep collecting them, you will have a heap of police stars, and there could be helicopters shooting at you.

Once you have all the packages, you can park the boat at the docks where you meet Asuka for her missions, and then its a quick drive back to Donald Love.

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Hint submitted by LordDiablo

collect all the packages then go back to the docks at Asuka. run up the steps, hop in a car and drive to the pay'n'spray.

Hint submitted by Str1ker22

Since it doesn't matter what boat you get, it is much easier just to get the speeder at the dock by Asuka's place. It saves time and effort.

Hint submitted by Rip

like a Few others said its easyer to use the Speeder at the dock near Asuka's
and I sugest that before you Take this mission.. Take the Barraks OL from the Army Dude Phil
and Accept the Mission Head over to the Docks when done normally and not speedin .. like you can in that thing..
get to the boat.. u should have about 20 secs left before the plane rocks up .. just wait for it 2 drop the stuff
get back to the docks were you left ur Barraks OL and Cruise back to he package Drop off.. Not much can stop the
big OL Truck.. So watch the Fire works as the FBI block ya and they fly off the Fender then when you get to the
Donald ducks house... Get outa the Truck before they Bust ya and Bolt to the Point :)
Hope this helped..
(this makes it easy as so you dont have to cheat with the Tank since the Truck is faster than the Tank)

Rest in Peace

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